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Finally, Odisha GK PDF has come back up with a series of 100+ crucial multiple-choice questions on Odisha’s general knowledge. During this article, we’ve got mentioned exhaustively all the essential topics and points relating to Odisha General Knowledge. From the examination purpose of reading, Odisha GK MCQ PDFis often divided into six chapters:


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Odisha is that the eighth largest state within the south-eastern part of Bharat, with a vicinity of concerning a hundred and fifty-five,707 sq km. Odisha is taken into account the house of assorted endemic peoples and cultures because it has the third-largest population of regular Tribes. The state is standard for its ancient temples and social group cultures that still witness numerous historical events. Here we’ve got uploaded a series of Odisha GK PDFwith 100+ essential queries & answers on Odisha General Knowledge.


Q1) In which year kalpahad invaded Odisha:

A) 1645

B) 1647

C) 1567

D) 1576


Q2) who is the first Odia international cricket player:

A) Debasish Mohanty

B) Shiv Sundar Das

C) Rajib Biswal

D) Sanjay Raul


Q3) Bande Utkala Janani the state song of Odisha is composed by:

A) Laxmikanta Mohapatra

B) Madhusudan Rao

C) Mayadhar Mansingh

D) Radhanath Ray


Q4) Who among the following had the first martyr of Odisha who sacrificed his life fighting against the British in 1804:

A) Pabitra Mohan Pradhan

B) Jay Krushna Rajguru

C) Baji Raut

D) Surendra Sai


Q5) Which of the following tribes constitute the largest group among the tribe population in Odisha:

A) Paraja

B) Gonds

C) Kondhs

D) Saora


Q6) Sadharana Pathe is an autobiography written by:

A) Fakir Mohan Senapati

B) Dr. Harekrushna Mahatab

C) Kunja Bihari Das

D) Rabi Singh


Q7) Who was the leader of the popular Khurda rebellion:

A) Buxi Jagabandhu

B) Jayee Rajguru

C) Madho Singh

D) Laxman Nayak


Q8) Which book is still followed for the preparation of panjika in Odisha:

A) Madala Panji

B) Sidhanta Darpana

C) Gupta Chintamani

D) None of These


Q9) Who is known as Mother Teresa of Odisha:

A) Ramadevi

B) Malati Choudhary

C) Kuntala Kumara Acharya

D) Sarala Devi


Q10) Which one of the following is the first Odia novel:

A) Matira Katha

B) Padmamali

C) Babaji

D) None of these

Q11) Who is popularly known as Utkal Keshari in Odisha:

A) Harekrushna Mahatab

B) Gaurishankar Ray

C) Padma Charana Patnaik

D) Biju Patnaik

Q13) when did Bhubaneswar become the capital city of Odisha:

A) 1936

B) 1940

C) 1945

D) 1948


Q14) which of the following is the only UNESCO World Heritage site in Odisha:

A) Sun Temple Konark

B) Chilka Lake

C) Hirakud Dam

D) Jagannath Puri Temple

Q15) what is Deomali about Odisha:

A) A Famous Folk Dance

B) Highest Mountain Peak

C) A Famous Folk Music

D) Tribal Group in Eastern Odisha

Q16) Ma Mangala temple of kakatpur in puri district was built by:

A) Baraha Keshari

B) Nrup Keshari

C) Markata Keshari

D) Ananga Bhima Deva

Q17) Who among the following was the first Odia to become Supreme Court Judge:

A) Arjit Passayat

B) Ranganath Mishra

C) Indrajit Ray

D) Gatikrushna Mishra


Q18) which of the following is considered to be the first port in Odisha:

A) Damara

B) Kirtania

C) Chandabali

D) Paradip


Q19) Who among the following is responsible for the effective implementation of Sarba Siksha Abhiyan in Odisha:





Q20) Who among the following is popularly known as the Grand Old Man of Odisha:

A) Gopabandhu Das

B) Fakir Mohan Das

C) Madhusudan Das

D) Gauisankar Ray

Q21) Odisha state maritime museum is located at:

A) Paradip

B) Gopalpur

C) Cuttack

D) Balesore

Q22) First Odia to win Kendriya Sahitya Academy Award:

A) Gopinath Mohanty

B) Sadashiva Mishra

C) Surendra Mohanty

D) Kanhu Charan Mohanty

Q23) Sukinda Valley in Odisha is famous for:

A) Iron

B) Nickel

C) Chromite

D) Copper


Q24) Who is the writer of Govinda Chandra Tika:

A) Jagannath Das

B) Achyutananda Das

C) Balram Das

D) Yosawanta Das


Q25) The Tribal language that has the most significant number of the speaker is:

A) Kui

B) Mundari

C) Kondh

D) Santhali


Q26) Who has written the prayer Ahe Dayama Biswabihari:

A) Abinash Mohapatra

B) Ramakrushna Nanda

C) Ramchandra Mishra

D) Satyajit Barala


Q27) The original name of saint Chaitanya was:

A) Biswarup

B) Gangadhar

C) Bishwambar

D) Rupeswar


Q28) what percentage of Odisha state land is covered by forest:

A) 33.3%

B) 27.4%

C) 31.38%

D) 32.4%


Q29) The Gajapatis were a medieval Hindu dynasty that ruled over Kalinga from:

A) 1334 to 1441

B) 1434 to 1467

C) 1534 to 1541

D) 1434 to 1541


Q30) The kingdom of Odisha reached the zenith of its glory under which dynasty:

A) Ganga Dynasty

B) Bhoi Dynasty

C) Mukunda Deva

D) Mughal


Q31) The great poet Jayadeva flourished during which dynasty in Odisha:

A) Gajapati

B) Ganga

C) Bhoi

D) Karani


Q32) Which Ganga ruler built the world-famous Konark temple:

A) Narasimha Deva I

B) Bhanu Deva IV

C) Chodaganga Deva

D) Rajaraja Deva


Q33) Who built the well decorated and well-sculptured temple of Konark:

A) Angavimadeva I

B) Narasimhadeva I

C) Narasimhadeva II

D) Narasimhadeva III


Q34) Sri Chaitanya, the famous Vaishnava saint of Bengal, had come to Odisha during the reign of:

A) Prataparudra Deva

B) Kapilendra Deva

C) Chodaganga Deva

D) Raja Rajadeva I


Q35) Quli Qutb Shah invaded Odisha during the reign of which ruler:

A) Prataparudra Deva

B) Raghuji Bhonsle I

C) Narasimha Deva

D) Govind Vidyadhara


Q36) What were the provinces known in Odisha during the period of the Ganga Dynasty:

A) Dauvarika

B) Panchali

C) Bhoga

D) Visayas


Q37) Lingaraja temple at Bhubaneswar was built in ________ architecture:

A) Nagara Style

B) Vesara Style

C) Dravidian Style

D) Kalinga Style


Q38) Which of the following villages has become the first to be 100% solar-powered village in Odisha:

A) Balia

B) Badapur

C) Kanjei

D) Baripatha


Q39) Kalinga’s king Kharvela was associated with which of the following dynasty:

A) Nanda

B) Maurya

C) Chedi

D) Satavahana


Q40) Which is Odisha’s state tree:

A) Chinar Tree

B) Indian Fig Tree

C) Sal

D) Coconut Tree


Q41) What is the name of the first film of Odisha:

A) Sita Bibaha

B) Alamara

C) Nua Bou

D) Lalita


Q42) Biju Patnaik Hockey Stadium at situated in which of the following places of Odisha:

A) Rourkela

B) Balasore

C) Bhubaneswar

D) Cuttack


Q43) The title Kabichandra belongs to which of the following poets:

A) Kalicharan Patnaik

B) Ananda Sankar Ray

C) Godabarish Mohapatra

D) Jayanta Mohapatra


Q44) Panchayat Raj system was introduced in Odisha in the year:

A) 1949

B) 1951

C) 1955

D) 1961


Q45) Which of the following caves of Odisha is a limestone cave:

A) Ratnagiri Cave

B) Borra Cave

C) Gupteswar Cave

D) None of these


Q46) Who is the writer of the famous play Bhata:

A) Sarala Das

B) Jagmohan Leela

C) Sudarshan Patnaik

D) Kalicharan Patnaik


Q47) The climate of Odisha is the type of:

A) Tropical

B) Sub Tropical

C) Coastal

D) None of These


Q48) Who was the first woman to be elected to the Odisha Legislative Assembly:

A) Sarala Devi

B) Rama Devi

C) Sarojini Devi

D) Malati Devi


Q49) Who was the first martyr of Odisha:

A) Surendra Sai

B) Jayakrushna Rajguru Mohapatra

C) Chakhi Khuntia

D) Dora Bissoi


Q50) Which of the following ancient port was situated near Balasore:

A) Kannagara

B) Kosamba

C) Katikardama

D) Nanigaina


Q51) Odisha has launched which mobile app for streaming supply chain management of “Take Home Ration”

A) Mo Chhatua

B) E Kalika

C) Mo Sishu

D) E Manadeya

Q52) The 15th edition of Toshali National Craft Mela was inaugurated in which city of Odisha:

A) Jaleswar

B) Paradeep

C) Bhubaneswar

D) Konark


Q52) The Zoological Survey of India has started a drive to tag which species of turtle in Odisha:

A) Leatherback

B) Green Turtle

C) Hawksbill

D) Olive Ridley


Q54) Odisha has launched which initiative to revive and transform the largest water body in the capital city:

A) Clean Nirmaljhar

B) Clean Kathajodi

C) Clean Bindu Sagar

D) Clean Daya River


Q55) India’s first fire park has been established in which of the following cities of Odisha:

A) Puri

B) Bhubaneswar

C) Rourkela

D) Talcher


Q56) Odisha government has decided to give cash award of how much amount to a normal person for marrying a Person with Disability:

A) 5.0 Lakhs

B) 3.5 Lakhs

C) 2.5 Lakhs

D) 2.0 Lakhs


Q57) Which party secured a good majority in the Odisha Legislative Assembly after the election in 1937:

A) Congress Party

B) United Party

C) Odisha Nationalist Party

D) Independents


Q58) In which year the historic Praja Mandal Andolan was held in Odisha province:

A) 1923

B) 1937

C) 1817

D) 1857


Q59) Gopabandhu Das died a premature death in 1928 at the age of:

A) 50

B) 51

C) 56

D) 61


Q60) when was the Odisha language restored in Sambalpur after a long term demand:

A) 1903

B) 1905

C) 1907

D) 1909


Q60) Sambalpur was annexed by the British Government by the policy of:

A) Subsidiary Alliance

B) Permanent Settlement

C) Divide and Rule

D) Doctrine of Lapse


Q61) Odisha becomes a part of the British Empire during the reign of:

A) Warren Hastings

B) Lord Cornwallis

C) Lord William Bentinck

D) Lord Wellesley


Q62) What was the full name of Jayee Rajguru:

A) Jayadeva Rajguru

B) Jaya Krishna Rajguru

C) Jaya Ananda Rajguru

D) Jaya Madhav Rajguru


Q63) The East India Company completed the work of the Jagannath road from Puri to _____

A) Cuttack

B) Kolkata

C) Chennai

D) Nagpur


Q64) Who was the first Muslim ruler of Odisha:

A) Allaeed-Din-Baktiyr

B) Mahammad Sayyid

C) Subiman Karani

D) Qutub-Uddin-Aibak


Q65) With the death of Mukunda Dev in 1568 A.D., Odisha was annexed by:

A) The Mughal Emperor

B) The Bahami Sultan

C) The Sultan of Bengal

D) The Sultan of Boudh


Q66) The Gangeswar Siva temple was built by Chodaganga Deva at:

A) Puri

B) Bhubaneswar

C) Mukhalingam

D) Jaipur


Q67) Chodaganga Deva was a devotee of Lord Siva and also a worshiper of:

A) Siva Bhubaneswar

B) Siva Gupteswar

C) Siva Gokarneswar

D) Siva Dhabeleswar


Q68) The great devotional poet, Jayadeva was most probably a contemporary of the Ganga King:

A) Kamamava

B) Raghava

C) Rajraja II

D) Anangabhim II


Q69) Anantavarman Chodaganga Deva ruled over Odisha for a long period of:

A) 60 Years

B) 70 Years

C) 80 Years

D) 90 Years


Q70) After the death of Ashoka in 232 B.C., which dynasty established its independent rule in Kalinga:

A) Chedi

B) Chera

C) Chola

D) Chalukya


Q71) Ashoka, the great emperor became a follower of ___

A) Jainism

B) Hinduism

C) Sikhism

D) Buddhism


Q72) Which of the following kingdom ruled Odisha after the Nanda dynasty:

A) Haryanka Dynasty

B) Shishunaga Dynasty

C) Chedi Dynasty

D) Maurya Dynasty


Q73) Which river is known as the lifeline of the Ganjam district:

A) Mahanadi

B) Baitarani

C) Rushikulya

D) Subarnarekha


Q74) Rushikulya river originated from:

A) Daringabadi Hill

B) Amarkantak Hill

C) Johna Hill

D) Rajmahal Hill


Q75) Which reign of Odisha receives high monsoonic rainfall:

A) Phiringa Plateau

B) Phulbani Plateau

C) Both A & B

D) All of the Above


Q76) Who built the Cuttack city:

A) Baraha Keshari

B) Nrup Keshari

C) Markata Keshari

D) Anangabhima Deva


Q77) Which of the following is called the “Gem of Odisha Culture”

A) Mukteshwar Temple

B) Jagannatha Temple

C) Lingaraja Temple

D) Sun Temple


Q78) The Oriya poet Sarala Das was contemporary of:

A) Govinda Vidyadhara

B) Prataparudra Deva

C) Kapilendra Deva

D) None of the Above


Q79) In which year Odisha Vigyan Academy was established:

A) 1979

B) 1980

C) 1981

D) 1982


Q80) Mahalwari system in Odisha was introduced in which of the following district:

A) Jaipur

B) Balasore

C) Keonjhar

D) Sambalpur


Q81) Which of the following is the first women to receive Arjuna Award from Odisha:

A) Arundhati Biswal

B) Minati Mohapatra

C) Rajasmita Sahoo

D) Nandini Sodangi


Q82) Which of the following is the highest mountain peak in Odisha:

A) Mahendragiri

B) Deomali

C) Malayagiri

D) Gandhamardan


Q83) When did the capital of Odisha Cuttack shift to Bhubaneswar:

A) 1949

B) 2000

C) 2010

D) 1999


Q84) Who is the author of the book “Purnachandra Oriya Bhasakosha”

A) Kalindi Charan Patnaik

B) Gopal Chandra Praharaj

C) Gopabandhu Das

D) Bhagavali Charan Panigrahi


Q85) Which district of Odisha has the most irrigation facility:

A) Jharsuguda

B) Cuttack

C) Ganjam

D) Bhadrak


Q86) Duduma waterfall is formed by which year:

A) Machkund

B) Surma

C) Rushikulya

D) Prachi


Q87) National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO) of Odisha was established in the year:

A) 1955

B) 1966

C) 1981

D) 1995


Q88) What is the rank of Odisha in Coal production:

A) 1st

B) 2nd

C) 4th

D) 7th


Q89) Talcher coalfield of Odisha is situated in the valley of which river:

A) Rushikulya

B) Brahmani

C) Baitarani

D) None of the Above


Q90) Which among the following is the largest Tribal group of Odisha:

A) Kondhs

B) Sauras

C) Bhumias

D) Bondas


Q91) Who laid the foundation stone of Hirakud Hydroelectric Power Plant:

A) Dr. Rajendra Prashad

B) Naveen Patnaik

C) Biju Patnaik

D) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru


Q92) Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation was established in the year:

A) 1950

B) 1955

C) 1962

D) 1966


Q93) Who suggested the separation of the Hindi and the Oriya areas from Bengal:

A) Lord Armharst

B) Lord Irwin

C) Lord Hardinge

D) Lord Curzon


Q94) How many zones of Southwestern railway lies in Odisha:

A) 2

B) 3

C) 5

D) 7


Q95) How many districts of Odisha comes under the Tribal population:

A) 7

B) 9

C) 10

D) 12


Q96) Which among the following was/were the administrative provinces of Odisha:

A) Cuttack

B) Ganjam

C) Koraput

D) All of the Above


Q97) Who is known as the father of Oriya Porse:

A) Madhusudan Das

B) Biswanath Kar

C) Fakir Mohan Senapati

D) Radhanath Ray


Q98) Where is Chandaka wildlife sanctuary is located:

A) Bhubaneswar

B) Cuttack

C) Angul

D) Sambalpur


Q99) what is the pre-historic name of Odisha:

A) Utkal

B) Kalinga

C) Kosala

D) Udra


Q100) In which year the first Odia film was released:

A) 1932

B) 1935

C) 1936

D) 1963



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